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The Far Side of the Moon

Quietly Bemused
3 March

This is the movie that plays in my head most days. It's a good movie. Lots of action and violence.

So, about me. I have no tolerance for stupid people. I have no patience for stupid people who breed even stupider and badly behaved minipeople. I'm always on time. I hate people who are so disorganised or self-centred that they think the whole world is just waiting for them to arrive before the party/movie/interview/dinner/whatever can begin. I love chocolate in all its forms. I'm geographically and directionally retarded. I love TV. I love 'shipping TV. I miss my dead fandoms. I love 80's detective/cop shows. I love 80's music. One hit wonders are my friends.

I get teary when I hear the national anthem played at sporting events. I cover it up by claiming hayfever. I'm a sucker for animals. I love my cats. I love my football. I can't stand tennis. Cricket bores me to tears. I love vegemite on toast, but not in a sandwich. Coke and Coke Zero taste exactly the same to me - like flyspray. Don't ask how I know what flyspray tastes like, because I won't tell you. I'm not very forgiving. I don't trust easily. I have "walls". I like them. I hang pretty posters on them. I'm very empathetic. Maybe that's why I have walls - sometimes it's really hard to shut out everyone else's emotions.

I love reading. I'd rather read a good book than go out. I have an extremely low alcohol tolerance - so low that it's practically unAustralian. Reality TV bores me to tears. I don't like caffeine and I don't drink coffee. I love fanfic but can't seem to write it lately. I'm stubborn and sarcastic and like to have the last word. I can never think of anything to write in these bio spots and am quite chuffed that I've managed to write three paragraphs. I know what the word 'chuffed' means. I like the word 'chuffed.'

Many thanks to the amazingly talented dana_duchovny for the stylesheet.

I'm done. Peace out.